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    Coffee makes the world go round.


    At  just 12 years old, I enjoyed my first cup of coffee. Every morning, my  father would wake me up early, teach me how to make the best cup and  start our day.  Ever since, my love of coffee has grown into a passion  to bring the greatest tasting coffee to the world. 

    After  working for a "larger" coffee corporation, I learned there was no  passion about anything but the bottom line. I was crushed to see the  company that I grew loving from the outside, that I aimed to be apart  of, was nothing like it seemed on the inside. One day I realized, if no  one else had the passion to bring the best brew to the world, maybe I  should. That was the day I decided to create Canvas Coffee company. A  place where our passions can flourish within a community of true coffee  lovers. A place where those who care, can show it. And what better way  to express yourself, then with timeless, beautiful art. We truly believe  that with every work of art, you deserve a masterpiece in every cup.



    Canvas Coffee Company LLC

    Managing member.

    We buy the best coffee we find, and it's all brewed right here in America, to ensure that every month, the freshest coffee possible hits your doorstep!

    Our head desinger.

    We select a feature work of art every month to showcase on our custom boxes. 

    Coffee make the world go round

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